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31 January, 2013

Here I Go Again {A Book Review}

Ever wonder what a Back-to-the-Future meets A Christmas Carol meets A Disney Channel Original Movie would look like? (Okay, I'm the only one?)

 Well, look no further, Here I Go Again by Jen Lancaster hit a homerun for that niche read. No seriously, it's hilarious and amazing, especially if you lived through the 90s at all.

Admittedly I did not like the first few chapters of the book.  When I first met the main character / narrator, Lissy, I thought she was too self absorbed to the point of boredom on my end.  And I was insulted by the way she described her SAHM friends and their children.

However, the authors witty writing kept me captivated enough to finish the book and I’m glad I did.

In the story, we find the main character at her 20 year high school reunion.  She quickly realizes that no one likes her because she was so mean, like Mean Girls mean, to them in high school.  

She wakes up on a hippy classmate’s couch the morning after the reunion. Her husband having left her.

That hippy girl just happened to be her key to the future. Or should I say past?

Without knowing what she was getting herself into, Lissy drank a potion and suddenly found herself in her 17 year old body facing her high school days all over again. Will she? Won't she? Who does she marry?

With several opportunities for a do-overs Lissy finds the right balance of being amiable and belittling.

This lighthearted hilarious read turned out to be soul food.  It made me stop to think how my words and actions affect those around me making this book worth the read!

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