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20 January, 2013

Do whatever He tells you

I have always been intrigued by and related to the story of the Wedding Feast at Cana. So much so that when I saw it was one of the Mass readings today, despite my child having a case of deafening screams & tandrums, I pulled myself together enough to make it to Mass.  And I am glad I did.

There was nothing out of the ordinary at Mass that knocked me off my pew, but there is the little pericope "Do whatever He tells you."

This line has stood out to me since college.  I went to a Marianist University. I took a class on Marianist  spirituality.  We spent an entire class session learning about and reflecting on that little nugget of Scripture.

I have since taken it to heart and prayer many times.

Just before Christmas, I had a post-Bible study discussion with a friend about her and her husband's financial situation and how it's been affecting their marriage. Not so much the dollar amount but the spirit of handling money.  Long story short, I had a light bulb moment (aka the Holy Spirit) to order a copy of the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University CDs for this couple so they could listen to them together.

When I got home I had an email from Dave Ramsey's Christmas of Giving (oh the Holy Spirit, you're a clever one). The email was advertising a HUGE sale on the FPU CD set+Book+Budget Software bundle.  On top of that if I bought a second set I earned free shipping.  Quick math said that the discounted bundle minus shipping was a huge bargain.

But then I remembered it was Christmas and we were on a budget.  I really shouldn't spend the extra money to get the second set just to have it around. We'd learned so much about little impulses like this that I felt I was being tempted.

But then...I had a wave of peace come over me as a little voice said, "Buy two and I will tell you who the second one is for"

A quick prayer said that it was indeed how we were being called to bless another family, even though we didn't yet know who it was.

What does this have to do with my attending Mass tonight?  And particularly the 5pm one after wrangling a decidedly difficult child all day?

After Mass I saw a woman who I haven't seen in a few months.  She and I grew close during my three years in Middle School ministry but our paths haven't crossed much lately.  She asked if she could speak with me in a few minutes.

Evie and I headed downstairs to have dinner with the High school youth group and the woman met me there.

She asked me the name of "the financial guy" that Eric and I are always talking about.  She explain that she and her husband are just having a difficult time getting on the same page financially; that they just need help.

I replied to her, "I can do more than give you his name.  I have a full set of CDs, a book, and the budgeting software that I bought before Christmas and was waiting for the Lord to reveal who I was supposed to give it to."  

She offered to pay for it.

I replied, "No, no. When I was a set for a friend the second set was just a few dollar more. I was just waiting for a sign of who to give it to.  It's YOU!"

I tell this story not to brag on myself, but to remind you and me that God is alive and speaking to us and  is living through us.  We just need to take a moment to see the signs and listen to Him. And most importantly to "Do whatever He tells you"

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