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18 August, 2012

Real Talk. Lately.

It's been about six weeks since I seriously blogged. I am okay with it.

I needed a break.
I needed to spend time laying on the floor playing with my baby.
I needed to spend time NOT reading other people's blogs and comparing myself to them.
I needed to spend time building a website for our youth group.
I needed to spend time preparing myself for the up coming Confirmation season.
I needed to spend time supporting my husband through a systematic company staff reduction (aka he's getting laid off in November).

I've also been taking care of me.  Setting a bed time and sticking to it. Sneaking in bits of cardio here and there.  Being more intentional in what and how much I eat.  Not taking naps.  Not spending the whole day surfing the internet, but reading books.

I've been battling a bit of "back to Confirmation" anxiety.  Sleepless nights.  Heart palpitations. Happens every year as I get the year rolling.  New parents. New kids.  New drama.  I get so bogged down in the details of planning that I forget the joy and transformation and grace that happens in the kids over the next 4 months.  Sigh.  I am *such* a pessimist.

We've also been up to exciting things.

My sister is getting married in April and we've been out dress shopping, going to wedding shows, and talking about photographers.

Evie's growing up!  We've been out playing, visiting family and friends, and working on new skills.

Eric and I are headed to Ireland on Thursday.  We've been busy planning our trip and making all the preparations to leave our baby girl with family for 10 days (eeek!).

My girls bible study continues to be a source of spiritual growth.

My couple's bible study has made me feel so "grown up".  We have a sit down dinner, discuss Sunday's gospel, pray for intentions, and close out with dessert.  My face usually hurts from laughing by the end of the night.  From stories of potty training kids, to the struggles of job loss, we've shared it all.  I've needed these new friends and I didn't even know it.

Other things.

We steam cleaned the carpet. It looks so much better.

Evie is finally "crawling".  She looks like a bulldog.

Evie had her 9 month check up and she is off the charts: 24.5 lbs, 29.5 inches. 100th percentile.

My parents took her to North Carolina for a few days while I buckled down to get the year kicked off, and Eric negotiated his retainer period.

Because Eric's been home more often and Evie was gone, we had a nice breakfast date and hike the other morning.  It was exactly what we needed.

I've mostly given up on making baby food.  Let's be real.  I hate peeling fruit for myself.

I am kind of addicted to Amazon Prime.  One day I ordered three different things.

Dawson's Creek.  Epic.

Hopefully I'll write before we leave, but if not, catch you after Ireland!


  1. Such a true post-probably for more Than they would like to admit. I've been taking some more time out too. I actually started a new book thursday and am close to finishing already! Pretty rare! I'm glad you're so honest. It's so easy to get wrapped up in going & going. Have a great trip to Ireland!! How cool!

  2. your couples' bible study sounds like so much fun. i need something like that in my life!

    have a great time in ireland - i'm sure it will be an amazing trip!


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