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16 July, 2012

Miscellany Monday {11}

So, Hi.

It's been a while. Like two weeks I think?

I had debated about purposefully take the month of July off from blogging to I could enjoy my last month of "freedom" before my hectic Fall begins, but then thought I'd miss it too much.

Yet, I have still only blogged once.

In a sense, I have a lot going on.  

I have a needy child right now.  She's going through an intense growth spurt, trying to crawl, and almost teething.  She needs a lot from me and I am glad I can give it to her without the stress from work.

My husband's company has been on the rocks - again - and it's created a little underlying worry for him.  We will make it through, but he's been daydreaming and it's forced us to have a lot of money conversations lately.

Then there is me.  I don't know what's going on with me.  I had lost 41 of the 45 pounds I gained with Evie.  Everyone swore once I went off Zoloft and stopped nursing I'd drop the last few pounds without a blink of an eye.  Well, instead, I gained 16 in less than 10 weeks, even with diet and exercise.  My body hurts. My fingers wrinkle. My feet are dry.  My hair is STILL falling out in massive clumps. I have zero energy even after several nights of 8 hours of sleep.  And I still haven't seen Aunt Flo and I stopped "nursing" over three months ago.

I went to the doctor on Monday.  He suspects my thyroid is having trouble gearing up.  He ran two pages of blood work tests and gave me a steroid and B-vitamin shot in the mean time.  I felt a little better this week, but this weekend I am crashing hard.  It's awful.  Absolutely awful.

I get my test results back in a week.  Part of me wants something to be wrong so we can put a label on it and find a solution, but part of me is scared about what is wrong.  I mean, it could be something terrible.

In more exciting news, we are supposed to be planning a trip to Ireland.  We've been saving up for this trip for two years, yet we can't find the motivation to sort out the details.  Maybe it's because I am not planning a trip for 180 teens, or with my entire extended family.  It's just me and Eric for 6 of the 10 days.

See something is wrong? Or maybe something is so right?  Is this what it's like to be relaxed?

I don't know.

I feel like the last few weeks, I just don't know.

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  1. Sounds like thyroid to me..but I have even telling you that for a while. If it turns out that is what it is, I expect you to pay me whatever you paid the doc..hehe..hang in there!!

  2. i hope everything's okay!


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