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25 July, 2012

Evie: Eight Months

Weight: My Dad and I both weighed in with her at 22lbs
Length/Height: 28+ (guessing)
Eats: about the same as last month
Diapers: Size 3 disposables, unsnapped in all cloth
Clothes: a solid 12 months in everything

Firsts for Evie
new foods: mangos, avocados peaches, plums, chicken, egg yolks, puffs, cheerios
June 10 - New Carseat, though she can technically still fit in her old one
June 12 - laughed at someone without being tickled
June 13 - started experimenting with going from sitting to laying
June 17 - Father's Day
June 23 - first bike ride 
June 29 - first sleepover with Grandma & Grandpa B (aka G. Daddy)
June 30 - met the last of my cousins on my mom's side
July 4 - First Fourth of July! and first Waffle House!
July 6 - crawled off our bed *sad face*

This girl has a pincer grasp like no other. And can self feed a variety of solids.
 Puts together syllables of things, like "jajajaja" or "mamamama". Okay, I lied, it's "dadadada"
She is curious as to what I do, watches carefully, and sometimes will mimic it.
On to the top level of the Exersaucer.
Loves sitting and playing with toys.
We packed up her baby swing, lowered her crib, and installed her new car seat. She's growing up!
Sleeps on her belly.
Flips over back-to-belly in no time. (Still can't roll from belly to back)
Finds her way around on the floor, though not very fast and usually backwards.
Looks around when we ask her, "Where's Mommy?" or "Where's Daddy?"
Sits in the bath tub (finally!) and in the splash pool.

New foods, especially peaches and mangos
Splashing in the pool or tub
Playing "dog party" with Connor
Hanging with the big cousins

Afternoon naps
Sun in her eyes
Sitting in a wet diaper

Evie went through a rough 5-6 weeks where she didn't like her afternoon nap.  Many days I'd wear her on my back for about 2 hours.  I finally discovered that she likes to sleep on her stomach now.  Once that was sorted out, and we installed black out curtains in her room, the afternoon nap was restored.

Her routines, feedings, etc have been very similar to last months, only more fine tuned.

Her bed time is now a firm 8pm unless we're out, and she's getting a bath 2-4 times a week instead of 1 or 2.

What they say...
Anyone who has seen my baby pictures or knew me when I was little knows that Evie is the spitting image of my infancy, and comments on it with much enthusiasm.

"She's so well behaved"
"What a good baby"
"Is she always like this"
"No, seriously, they're not all this good"
"A bad day for Evie is most babies good days"

(I popped the camera card in the computer to make sure I had a good photo for her montly collage and turned around to find her eating her "Eight" sticker. So much for more photos!)

We are...
Loving how much we can interact with her - tickle, toss, peek-a-boo, etc.
Wondering when she's going to crawl.
Tickled with how well she feeds her self.
Finally starting to really enjoy partent hood and easing back into a more active lifestyle.
Still in denial that we are parents!

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