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02 April, 2010

A Belated Post: Christmas Cookie

Ever since I can remember my grandmother, Nannie, has made dozens upon dozens of Christmas cookies.  When we all lived out of town it was a great treat to greet Christmas vacation with a box of Nannie’s cookies, or to arrive at her home to find the platter of cookies left out for sneaking.

Now that we’re all grown and live in town we’ve started to make a day of it.  On the Saturday morning a week after Thanksgiving we gather, before showers & make-up, and dressed in our best Martha Stewart Apron (unless you’re Mom), to bake nearly a dozen varieties of cookies.  There is a careful order, since some cookies bake at 325, 350, or 400.  And while Nannie purchases enough flour, sugar, and butter to bake for an Army, there always is that one ingredient that my grandfather has to run to Publix for.

Needless to say, we have a blast doing this and look forward to it each year.  We all have our favorites that we like to bake and those that we like to eat (yes, they can be different!).  So hours later, we get to taste test before the boys arrive to pick us up, just a small perk of the Cookie Baking Day!

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