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02 April, 2010

We had a home brew!

Over Christmas break we received a belated wedding gift of a beginners home brew kit.  Can we say, awesome?

My uncle, Todd, has already tried his hand at the craft and has created some delicious beers.  Eric thought who better than to try his first batch with.  So off we went to Todd & Keri’s house for the evening.  A box of pizza, some old home brews, and six hours later, the boys completed step one of the home brew process.  In the video you can see a little of the steps it takes.   After the first day, the beer has to sit for about two weeks before it is transferred to the bottles.  Then the beer sits another two weeks before it is ready to drink.  Some beers are better the longer they sit in the bottle, others are only good for a few weeks.  A lot depends on the ingredients and the style of beer.  Regardless, home brewed beers are always stored upright because they have some sediment in the bottom, unlike your typical store bought beer.

We had a release party that included a blind taste test of 12 other beers.  Todd’s home brew ranked 3rd over all, and while ours ranked second to last - those who liked it said it was one of their favorites...then there were those who just didn’t like it!  (We voted them off the Island.)  At least it ranked higher than Guinness!

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