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30 November, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

We started off the morning with a brisk 5k run (walk) to benefit MUST Ministries with our friend Sarah.

This year for Thanksgiving Eric and I stayed in Atlanta to celebrate with the Buergler’s and their long-time family friends, the Litwin’s house. Last year I found it rather exhausting to figure out 20+ years of family traditions and inside jokes, but this year was a much easier transition.  While not spent with my mom’s family at the Cabin, it was a great place to be for Thanksgiving!   As tradition has it, the young guys challenge the “wily veterans” to just about every game imaginable: horseshoes, corn hole, bocce, ping pong, pool, beer pong, etc. This year the wily veterans won, but not without the young guys claiming the old guys cheat.  Tim let me proxy for him while he was carving the turkey, and I took home the gold in the champagne cork shooting contest: the young guys couldn’t contest, I was the clear winner :)

Friday morning, Irene and I tackled the Lenox Mall.  She let me sleep-in (which means  we didn’t leave the condo until 6am. ha!).  After she treated me to Starbucks, we hit the four story Macy’s in Buckhead.  Bargain after bargain, I came home with some shoes, scarves, shirt, and our pots & pan set (and 2 bonus gifts!).  We also scouted out deals for this coming week’s Friends & Family sale.  Don’t worry Macy’s, we’ll be back!

After shopping, Tim, Irene, Eric and I piled into the Liberty and took off for my grandparents cabin in Highlands, NC where we continued Thanksgiving with more eating and drinking.  Of course, we went into town for shopping and hiking.  Eric and I got a great deal on a TV media center stand for our living room, and my parents were generous to haul it home for us.

All-in-all a blessed First Thanksgiving as a married couple!  Below is guest video-blogger, Rebecca’s videos of our hiking on Saturday - enjoy!

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