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24 November, 2009

Post Wedding - Whew!

First of all, I apologize for the delay in updating the website and in posting pictures from the wedding.  I (Elizabeth) was swamped with leading two retreats (90 teens each), a trip to the soup kitchen with 30 teens, a trip to the corn maze with 20 middle schoolers, wrapping up a Confirmation program, and planning double-header Confirmation Masses with the Archbishop.  Never mind setting up house, adjusting to living with a husband, and working out all the kinks that come with being newly married.

We’ve finally opened gifts (THANK YOU!), set up the apartment, and have settled in to as much of a routine as possible given the above.  And now, we’re moving!  Fortunately it’s to a bigger apartment, in a building caddy-corner to the one we’re in now, but still...six weeks of “do I move this from my parents house now or wait?” ensues.

A few fun things about our married life:
 Sunday’s I plan our meals for the week and Eric goes to the grocery
 Eric doesn’t mind doing the laundry.  He is good at folding and putting away the clothes
 I usually do all the cooking, but Eric is the resident veggie chopper
 Eric created an easy to remember system - his side of the bed is on the right, therefore his clothes in the closet, towel on the rack, tooth brush in the holder (you get the point) are on the right....leave it to the engineer to come up with a “system”
 We don’t have cable (or even basic channels)

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