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Meet Us - About our blog

Hi! Welcome to our little slice of the blogosphere. We're glad you're here!

About Our Blog

Four years ago this blog (originally hosted on iWeb) was originally intended to keep our wedding guests informed of our then upcoming marriage. Shortly after I merged it with my personal blog and thus TwoBuerglers was created. After the arrival of our Little Bit, the blog has transformed again to include our life's journey with her and is now dubbed The Buerglers

Eric and I have been married for almost four years. We are passionately Catholic. Our faith guides our decisions. As part of my career and Eric's volunteerism with work with the youth group at our parish. In addition, we're also incredibly invested in real food and strive for minimalism. We feel both are our duty as part of Catholic Social Teaching.

I write for us - as a digital "scrapbook" of our lives. I want to capture all the fun things we do, the things we love, funny stories, and to celebrate milestones. 

Our blog includes a glimpse into our daily life, recipes, our travels, our journey to debt-freedom, my pregnancy diary, Evie's baby book, and occasionally a peek into the depths of my heart.

Meet Eric

Eric works at a software company that pairs folks with disabilities with public transportation. He's also a volunteer Financial Peace University leader and regular volunteer with our parish youth group. Eric loves to homebrew, bike ride, and eat primal. He despises cloverleaf interchanges and the post office.

Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a most of the time stay at home mom and works part time as a youth minister at a Catholic church. She loves iced coffee, grilled cheeses, a good beer, and making a mess in the kitchen. She despises Comic Sans and paperwork.

Meet Evie

Evie is a full time kid and full time snuggle bear. She loves Blue's Clues, cherry tomatoes, and her Cabbage Patch doll named Delany. She despises afternoon naps and corn.


First and foremost we love living our Catholic faith!

We enjoy spending time with our family and friends, cheering for Irish Football & Flyer Basketball, going to beer tastings, trying new recipes, traveling, training for triathlons, watching Atlanta professional sports, hiking, biking, working with the youth of our parish, and going on long walks in the park with Evie.


  1. Cameron here from Jacqueline's SkillShare class! :)

    Haha, I don't like post offices either.... and recently Comic Sans has started to irk me as well.

  2. Loving meeting other Catholic wives...look forward to becoming bloggy buds:)

  3. Dear Elizabeth
    I am a Belgian catholic religion teacher in primary school. I have been looking for hours on the web to find a picture of a catholic priest blessing the baptismal water.
    I can not thank you enough for documenting and sharing the pictures of your childerens baptism.
    Thank you for sharing !
    Lots of Love


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