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17 November, 2016

Nathan: Four Months


Weight: 15lbs 4oz (52%) 
Length: 26.8 inches (94%) 
Feeds: nurses 5 times a day; about 20-30 minutes each session.
Diapers:   Blueberry Simplex and Smartbottoms
busting out of size 2 in disposables
Clothes:  6 mos and 6-9 mos
Shoes: none
Teeth: none


Oct 31 - Halloween
Nov 6 - Airplane and Bus ride
Nov 7 - trip to Disney World!


Focuses eyes
Found thumb. Self soothes to sleep.
Graduated to half swaddle for bed (needs his thumb!) and sleep sack for naps
On an awesome feeding schedule (Mom's on Call 12wk old schedule since we won't start solids until 6 months)
Graduated out of Ergo infant insert
Still has a little head lag but is mostly holding his head up
Nathan sleeps through the night and has since about 8ish weeks


Bath time
Diaper changes
Attention from his family
Floor gym (reaching for animals!)


Too much Maggie in his face
The cold
Stop and go traffic
when mommy eats brussel sprouts or broccoli

What they say:

 He's becoming his own little person
He's so alert
Is he always this good?

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