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02 July, 2016

Little Miss Independent's 4th of July Cake

Last week Evie came to me with this idea for a cake that had a blue corner and some red stripes like "a 'merican flag". She said, "we can use blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries but I don't know how to do the white stuff". I suggested we make a cream cheese frosting. She really liked that idea. She asked me to help her with the cake part since she can't read recipes.
Today I surprised her with all her requested ingredients. This 37 week pregnant mama opted for lemon flavored break and bake sugar cookies.

I taught her how to make cream cheese frosting, which she told me tastes "disgusting and needs more powdered sugar, and maybe Daddy's homemade vanilla".  

She asked me to help her wash and cut her fruits.  Then she asked me to draw some straight lines so she could line up her fruit stripes. Occationally she'd look up at me and ask, "can I have a taste test of blueberries"  -- Little did she know, Mama washed extra fruit just for this.

After she made the square of blueberries, she asked me how to make the stars.  I explained a few decoration options but I could tell she wasn't understanding.  I said, "Let's go on the computer and see if we can find some ideas."  I did a Google Image search for Flag Cakes and her eyes got big. "Oh mommy, they're all just so beautiful."  We pointed out the different blueberry options 1) solid blue 2) polka dots lined up 3) polka dots randomly placed  and she said, "No, I want to leave my outline square."
Then she went to work on the stripes. She lined up the strawberries, skipped a little space, lined up the raspberries, and so on.  Again, "Can I have a little taste test of raspberries?"

 As she worked her way down the cake she was humming to herself and just grinning from ear-to-ear.  She was so proud of herself. 
 She came up with this idea entirely on her own. She told me what ingredients to buy and when and how we were going to make it. I just followed her lead.   I don't know if she's secretly reading Southern Living or has her own Pinterest account or what, but I could just squeeze her I'm so proud of her.  I love watching her explore new interests and talents. She takes after me quite a bit, but I let her be in charge when we're working on activities like this to see where her little mind takes her.

Evie says, "Happy Forff of July"

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