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22 June, 2016

Beach Trip 2016

Last summer Eric's parents took us on a beach trip down to 30-A.  I was blown away. When we first moved to Atlanta everyone talked about Hilton Head being the place to vacation, but after we took a family trip there in high school we were all really disappointed and have never been back. I was skeptical about going to 30-A after all the hype. However, it does NOT disappoint. It's classy and family oriented, but still casual. It's clean. There isn't a chain or hotel to be found along the entire strip. Aaannnnnddddd. Let's talk about it being called the Emerald Coast for a reason. The water is crystal clear and the sand is pure sugar. Now, there are some sometimes you have to walk over the river and through the woods to get from your house to the beach, but let's not talk about that.

This summer my parents treated my entire family to a trip to 30-A. We rented a huge house. The big cousins got to sleep in a bunk room. Each couple and their baby/infant/toddler had their own room. There was an upstairs and downstairs living room; a dining room, bar, and a gourmet kitchen.  It was luxury.  We also had access to a resort-like pool with zero entry and a shallow end.  Seriously, the kids were exhausted from too much fun by the second day!  

The week was not without it's hiccups. Eric woke up the morning of our trip with a stomach virus that lasted a few days into the trip. Just as he was feeling better, Maggie came down with a sinus infection and fever than had her up throwing up mucus one night.  And then in the middle of all that, I had some painful swelling in my knee that had signs of a blood clot so Eric and I spent an evening at the ER getting that examined. (Turns out I had just twisted it. Doctor said it's common on the soft sand, especially for preggos).

Other than these minor set backs we had a blast spending the week with my parents, my siblings and their children.

We're already looking forward to next summer's trip with Eric's family!

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