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04 December, 2015

Maggie: Eighteen Months


Weight: 26 lbs (66%)
Length: 34.5 in (>97%)
Eats: 3 full meals with us, a snack or two if she's hungry,  and 12-16 ounces of cows milk (4 at her naps + 8 a bedtime). She has a sippy of water throughout the day
Diapers:  Bum Genius 4.0s & Elementals, Thirsties pockets and AIO, Bottom Bumpers Large, Blueberry Simplex OS and Smart Bottoms.  Size 4 in disposables (at night)
Clothes:  generous 18-24 months, 24 moths, and 2Ts. She will probably be in 3t before we know it!
Shoes: 6.5
Sleep: 8pm bedtime, wake up around 7 or 8, with two naps one around 11 and one around 2
Teeth: four bottoms; four tops; four molars, and two canine


8/15/15 Started walking about 70% of the day
8/16/15 First trip to the Varsity
8/25/15 Started walking 100% of the day
8/27/15 Started gymnastics
9/9/15 Peed in the potty (just the one time)
9/10/15 said "no, MINE"
9/11/15 Trip to play putt-putt
9/12/15 Trip to Stone Mountain
9/28/15 Dropped iPad on her face and broke her front tooth
10/1/15 Asked to watch TV "shoooooows"
10/8 -10/11 Long weekend at Grandma & G. Daddy's


Maggie was a bit late in walking, about 16 months, but once she got the hang of it, it wasn't long before she was running.

She is quite the chatter box. Her speech isn't as clear as Evie's was, but she has a host of vocabulary words:
E-E (Evie)
g'pa (grandpa) (g'daddy)
g'ma (grandma)
shooooooooes (shoes)
shoooooooows (show)
Mick-a-mouse (Mickey Mouse)
'ot 'og (hot dog)
'ilk (milk)
'nack (snack)
teet (treat)
wanner  (water)
fader, 'on, 'oly 'it (father, son, holy spirit)

Maggie owns the playground. She can climb the steps and go down the slides all by herself!

She's up and down the stairs at home at lightening speed and can safely get on and off all the furniture.  We'll even find her standing on the tables (clothing optional).


Maggie loves her G. Daddy like something fierce. She talks about him all the time. The moment she sees him, mama and daddy are old news and she's stuck to him like glue.

Cheerios & a "shoooooow" as part of her morning routine

Hanging with the big kids

Swings & slides (which she can do all by herself!)

playing with pens and coloring

figuring out how toys and things work

when we go pick up Evie from school

French Fries!!!!!!


when mommy or daddy leaves

when we turn off Mick-a-mouse

when she gets in trouble for coloring on the walls

riding in the carseat, Tula, or sitting in the highchair too long (I STUCK!!!)

I wouldn't say she dislikes food, but she's not much of an eater. She eats a variety, but not a lot of quantity.


Maggie is a super happy kid.  Her moods are much more even than Evie's were/are.

Maggie is in to everything. There is no stone unturned.  She seems to be respectful in new places, but as I type she's figuring gout how post-it notes work and is sticking them all over herself.

Maggie is not much of a snuggler, but when she needs a hug she'll let you know.  She's also very sensitive to other's needs.  She will give Evie a hug if she's crying.

Maggie has a series of nicknames that include variations of:
The Jiggy One

If Maggie had a tagline it would be "I came in like a wrecking ball" - she's nonstop, all day (and night).

Boy do we love this girl!!!

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