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30 October, 2015

An Apple A Day

Since it's been like two months since I've posted I figured I'd just jump in with life now instead of attempt the overwhelming task of playing catch up.

We had a very rainy start to October.  Many of our Fall plans got pushed back or rearranged.  We had been hoping to Elijay to pick apples but it had rained the two Saturdays we had planned to go.  By some great miracle I was on the orchard's website I noticed that they were opening on weekdays in mid October to make up for the loss of visitors on the rainy weekends.  In the same conversation Eric was telling me that he had some use-it-or-lose-it vacation time before the end of the calendar year.

 Eric decided to take a half day off from work.  As soon as Evie was done with preschool for the day we drove to North Georgia for a family fun day of hayrides, apple picking, and fried pies.
 Evie was disappointed that her favorite apple, Pink Ladies, were either rotten or not ripe yet.  With all the rainy this Fall, the local apple crops were struggling a bit.
 The fujis (or smoo-jis, as Evie called them), were in abundance so we spent most of our time picking those.
 We put our Toddler Tula from to good use on it's first real outing.  Evie loved not having to walk in the mud.  And of course, I carried Maggie in the Ergo.  That girl is nothing but trouble if left to her own devices.
The girls weren't too sure about the fried pies, but loved sharing in my fresh, warm apple fritter (I am still dreaming about that).

We've been loving our bushel of apples. We've made a few jars of Nannie's apple sauce, an apple pie, apple and cheese quesadillas / grilled cheese , and had lots of apples for snacks.  There is nothing better than a not waxy apple you picked yourself!  Yum!

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