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09 May, 2015

A First Communion Session: Meet Gabby + What I Learned

Gabby's mom is a friend from church. She knew I dabbled in photography as a hobby. Susie reached out to me to see if I'd be interested in taking some photos of her daughter.  I was so excited she thought of me and was ready to tackle the challenge.  Susie and I spent a week sending Pins and talking though ideas.  I had never done a session like this and I wanted to meet her needs.  We had a lot of fun working together.  Gabby was an easy and fun model to work with and has a natural eye her self, especially for a seven year old. She styled a few of the shots herself!

Technically Speaking:

What I Learned:

  • I went in with a mental shot list, but some of my favorites ended up being the candids - like Gabby looking over her shoulder, and her crossing her self. Be ready for the in between!
  • It can take some kids a while to warm up, so be prepared to throw out the whole first pose. Also, I learned working with Enrique to have the subject/model practice silly faces whenever they're getting a little stiff.  Find ways to capture their personality!


  • I am definitely getting more picky about my work and getting it right in camera. I've also grown a lot in confidence
  • I'm not afraid to stop for a quick break and Google the technical aspects of setting up a shot, or to refresh myself on a neat pose I've found online.
  • I've changed my approach to culling so I can get through editing the pictures faster.
  • I've started asking for constructive criticism from peers. AH! 

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