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10 February, 2015

Family Fun Night - Georgia Tech Basketball

After a ridiculously trying two-year old phase, I am loving having a three year old. Evie's just old enough to go to events and appreciate outings.

Eric and I wanted to go to the Notre Dame basketball game when they played Georgia Tech a few weeks ago.  I love college basketball. Eric is indifferent, but he's always up for supporting Notre Dame and his local favorite, Georgia Tech.

We decided to take Evie.  We knew it would be a late night but thought we'd give it a try.  She was mesmerized. 

Seriously. We were shocked.  We told her which color team uniforms we were cheering for and how we wanted them to make a basket and which side of the court to watch for baskets.  She did get a little antsy here and there, but she'd snuggle up with G.Daddy, Eric or I.

We had yummy snacks for dinner, saw Francesca and Fr. Josh from our church, and had a blast hanging out with our big girl!

Grandma had fun babysitting just little Maggie for some one-on-one time. It was a great night all around!

Looking forward to many more fun family outings now that the girls (well, Evie) can appreciate them more.

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