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29 November, 2011

Rocket Man!

During Thanksgiving week we were blessed to spend lots of time over at my parents house.  All my siblings were in town for the long weekend, and all three baby cousins got to play together, well, as much as a three year old, four month old, and three week old can play together.

Eric and I have made every effort to go on a walk every day, even if it's just down the street and back.  While we were at my parents, we'd bundle Evie up and walk around the neighborhood's pond. Saturday was no exception.  This time, our three year old nephew wanted to come with us.

He decided he was going to be a "duper here-row" with fire that makes him run really fast. Naturally.

And then Connor asked Uncle Eric if he wanted to be a "duper here-row" too.  Of course, you can't say no to a three year old.  Connor taught Eric how to "get gas" and "make the fire come out of his arms" and then they were off and running.

Should I mention that later that night we taught him how to play LCR (Left, Center, Right), a dice game with money?  It was purely to work on his fine motor skills of dice rolling, and his counting skills.  Of course we wouldn't teach a three year old how to gamble....

We don't know who taught him this....

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