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13 June, 2011

Sweet 16 - Pregnancy Updates {15,16, 17}

Think I popped a little while we were at camp?

How far along?  17 weeks today (no photo today...Eric was sick and my eyes felt like they had sandpaper in them)

How big is baby?  We went from orange to avocado and now an onion.  According to The Bump baby is about 5.1 inches and 3.5 oz and is supposed to double in weight in the next three weeks.  Oh, hello.

Total weight gain: Holding in around 10-12 pounds for the last few weeks. Midwife didn't comment at my last check up, so I am assuming I am doing okay.

Maternity Clothes? Rotating through all my purchases from the big shopping trip several weeks ago. It's about all I wear.  When I'm at home I wear my 2XL "workout" clothes I bought on the clearance rack at Target.  I also try to not wear my maternity clothes when I am at home, or working for Chris...I don't want to get sick of them.  Besides, yoga pants and Eric's tshirts are more comfortable anyway.

I am going to a wedding in the first weekend in July.  I am trying to hold out as long as possible to shop for a nice dress, but I also want to use my $20 off coupon and hit the Motherhood Maternity sale that ends this week.  Ideally, I would like to find a dress that I can dress up for the wedding, and dress casually for showers or Mass...that is cool, yet modest. Wish me luck!

Stretch Marks?  Nope!  But I do get chaffing between my legs on super hot days in skirts. Ew.

Sleep: I miss a good night's sleep.  I was at camp for a week (read: 20 girls on vinyl mattress bunk beds).  I was sick for a week (snotty cold).  And then I was away for another long weekend on another teen trip.  When I have had the time to actually think about real sleep, my hips, back and tailbone have been in such pain it's all I can do to fall asleep without crying.

Movement: Every once in a while I'll get a sharp little pain in the baby area.  Apparently the movement will pick up even more in the next week or two. I can't wait!  Eric can't either :)

Food cravings: I thought Ashley was crazy when all she craved was watermelon, but it's all I want, too. Cold milk. Watermelon. Cantaloupe. Honeydew.  Ice cream.  There are a lot of days that it's all I eat.  And no, I don't eat the watermelon and ice cream together.  Not yet, anyway.

Thankfully the food aversions have minimized.  I actually ate calamari at The Fred a few nights ago and some grilled shrimp at Dan & Leeann's.  Not on the top of my list, but it didn't leave me gagging.

What I miss:  Bending over without feeling like I'm squishing/folding my belly inside of me.  Not being super hot all. the. time.  Sleeping through the night and sleeping well.

What I am looking forward to:  Oh how I want to know if it's a boy or girl.  I think everyone asking me has heightened my desires.  Now that we've made the decision to find out, it's all I think about.  I had the chance to find out on Thursday when I had my 16 week check up, but it would cost an extra $50 and it's included in our 20 week visit.  Eric and I decided to wait and to enjoy the surprise together.  Besides, all I needed after my"annual exam" was to hear baby ninja's heartbeat to satisfy me.

Other things I'm looking forward to... choosing a name, having little tiny clothes around the house, snuggling with baby.

Milestones: 16 week check up went really well! We've been cleared for normal activity now that I haven't bled in 4 weeks.  It's nice to have confidence in being active.  The heartbeat sounded so sweet.
Everyone has commented that I've "popped" I do believe it happend around week 15/16 while we were at camp because when I returned it's the first thing my family and co-workers said!

Say What? The teens at church have been fascinated with asking if it's a boy or girl....or asking other random questions, like "Do you find yourself more prone to being car sick now that you're pregnant?" Um, what 17 year old thinks about those things?  Also, ones of the boys on the retreat this weekend decided to re-name the baby to "Baby Ham"... And my co-workers (cough Kath & Susan) are amused with naming the baby Hamilton or Katherine.  For those of you not making the connection to our last name, that would be the equivalent of calling the baby Hamburglar or Cat Burglar.  Oh-kay, it's funny.

Sweet moments:  More and more friends talking to my belly.  Let's be honest, it's sticking out a bit these days.  They say hello or good bye to baby.  Lots of parishioners are finding out about the baby now and they're all SO excited and giving me lots of hugs (including the men!).  I thought it would be more awkward than it is.  At least the summer is pretty slow around the parish, so it's come at a tolerable pace. And besides, who doesn't LOVE hugs?!?

Make room for baby: I hadn't given another ounce of thought about baby supplies or the baby's room until last night...when I couldn't sleep.  I started reading through one of our baby books and it has a "minimalist" parent and a "prepared" parent shopping list.  It's been nice to read about what the true necessities are and what's nice to have.  I am slowly setting up coffee dates with girlfriends who have new babies to get their recommendations and product brand suggestions.  I like to research and then make the decision on what's best for us.

Oh, and THIS:  I hate to say it, but I'm almost a little bitter that people didn't warn me about the random migraines, backaches and hip aches.  People are OBSESSED with morning sickness and labor & delivery stories, but why not warn me about the growing pains in the second trimester.  I feel like I'm living on Tylenol and can't seem to do enough yoga.

I do have a bit more energy this week.  It was nice to vacuum, dust and tidy up the apartment tonight without needing 2 naps in between :)


  1. E! I you need anything, let me know! I'm sure you have a million people offering, but I can enthusiastically be one million and one! Eek! I'm excited and LOVING your pregnancy posts! Prayers and love! Maybe a special novena... Tell Eric HAPPY FATHER's DAY!

  2. Well here is my advice on pains...lean into ligament pains like you would lean into running pains...instead of stretching them out to make them feel better. Also...leg cramps usually come in the mornings...BREATHE, relax and just try to ignore them until they go away...they are good preparation for labor pains to be honest. Different area, but same tricks in helping the pain. I ahve never gotten bad headaches...but I would say to drink fluids and that might help...I can't hurt :)


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