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16 November, 2010

Beer Dinner & Bottle Company

For a wedding shower gift, Eric's parents gave us a "beer of the every-other-month club".  We've thoroughly enjoyed, but the last box came as we celebrated our one year anniversary.

In the past, Eric and I have really enjoyed going out for great beers and food pairing dinners.  This has been getting rather costly.

In attempts to save a little money and share time with some friends - we called the "Beer of the every other month club" and found out that they have a "rare beer of the month club" that also provides information on food pairings.  Four beers in a box.  Four chairs at the table.  Four friends.


This month the date for our dinner with Sam and Rosemary also coincided with the day Eric needed to bottle his two recent home brews.  Perfect.  We started with our beer tasting dinner.  This month it included a ploughman's lunch (think British) of cheese, apples, pickles, hard boiled eggs, bread, soup.  The other pairing included something with ginger (as in gingerbread, not asian food).  So Sam picked up pumpkin cupcakes with ginger frosting. A-mazing.


This month's two beers

Blue Cheese and Smoked Cheddar
The wreckage

Capping station




The bottler

reused 22s

inside the sanitizer


see, i was there! 

Good to the last drop!

The beer will be ready in just two weeks!  Perfect timing for Thanksgiving and Christmas :)  Thanks to Sam and Rosemary for help bottling!

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