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13 July, 2010

July Happenings

Our July has already been a bit of a whirlwind.

My friend Amanda came to visit.  We did some of the usual Atlanta things: Chick-fil-a (even the original!), take MARTA someplace (the P'tree expo), Braves Game, and Taco Mac. Our friend Rosemary had a friend in town for the weekend too, so it was fun for all of us to spend the weekend together.

 We also celebrated the 4th of July by running the Peachtree Road Race, the world's largest 10k (55,000 participants) with a few friends.  Amanda, Sarah and I ran the race together.  Eric ran ahead.

Anyone have $17 so we can buy this picture?

The night of the 4th we celebrated at our friend Rosemary's house, where we consumed burgers, brats, buffalo chicken dip, flag cake and all the yummy fixings of July.  Of course we played corn hole and lit sparklers.  

Sparkers! (Photo- Tim Walsh)

The group of us (minus Eric) went to Rosemary's office in Brookhaven/Lenox area to watch the fireworks from her office window.  The air conditioning, private parking, and view made for an enjoyable night without the bugs, heat or traffic.  We even played a little patriotic music.  Thanks, Pandora!

View from Rosemary's office (Photo- Sam Pandolfo)

In other July news:

My sister Katie moves home from college this week.  She has an hourly job lined up but is still looking for a "real job".  I'm glad she'll be home!

Eric was off work for a week due to a minor medical problem.  He's doing much better, but is still looking forward to a full recovery.  We're also trying to sell his motorcycle.  I know he's going to miss it, but as we near the end of out paying off debt and start saving for a house, this seems like another "extra" that could be eliminated.  Besides, he bikes to work most days, and if he can't bike, he needs the car for the seats anyway.

Leeann and Dan have finished their move to Atlanta!  It was done over a few weekends, but they're finally here.  I'm excited to spend time with them and get to know them without it surrounding a wedding or holiday.  They were generous to let us use it over July 4th as to avoid traffic nightmares surrounding fireworks and the Peachtree. Their new place is fabulous!  I might even say I'm a bit jealous of their location and atmosphere. (I'm glad we can visit!)

I am at Christian Leadership Institute all week as a co-director.  Ten years ago I was a participant.  The last two years I served as a small group facilitator.  This it's on to presenter/co-director.  I am loving it!

This coming weekend is the Farrell Family Reunion in Wisconsin.  Thanks Aunt Mary Pat for hosting us all!  I can't wait to see their house and spend time with all of Eric's family.

Connor turns TWO in a little over a week. How time flies!  We leave for Nicaragua on his birthday.

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