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11 September, 2009

Flying Shoes

This afternoon I went to pick up my dress and wedding shoes from the dress shop.  The ladies had just finished the alternations, steaming the dress and dying my shoes.  Careful not to smash the dress as I was loading in the car, I put my wallet and shoes on the roof of the car.  Who makes two trips to the car, anyway?

As I was about a block from the store, I heard two consecutive *thud* noise.  It sounded like road gravel, but the road conditions were too perfect, so I checked my rear-view mirror only to see tissue paper flying around!!  My shoes and wallet!!!

My body instantly went in to fight-or-flight mode.  Illegal u-turns were made.  Hazard lights went on.  I was going to get my shoes and wallet!  I did not have time to replace either one.

I watched as four cars drove over and around my shoes.  I held my breath as a school bus approached. This would surely be the end of them!!  Thank goodness the school bus driver stopped and she waved me onto the middle of the road so I could clean up my shoe and shoe box mess.  I threw all my stuff in the car.  I couldn’t stomach the thought of looking at my shoes.  I had to find my wallet.  After a few more illegal u-turns, I finally found it!

Once I safely (and legally!) pulled over to the side of the road I examined the damage.

My wallet - untouched.

My shoes - well, they look like they fell off the back of a moving vehicle, but considering...they look fantastic!  Really, they only look like I did some dancing in them.  And really, who is going to notice (except all of you reading this)?

Lesson learned:  We all have our turn when we leave stuff on the roof of the car and it flies away (Why couldn’t my turn be a coffee mug?)   And, more importantly, God is bigger than all the trivial things we make weddings out to be.  It wouldn't have mattered if my shoes were ruined, but I almost let it ruin my day.  I was thankful God gave me the sense of humor to get in the car and laugh hysterically the whole way home!

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