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19 January, 2009

Prayers for Nana & Papa

This post originally appeared on my private blog.  It posted January 19, 2009...

After running errands and visiting friends this afternoon, I arrived home to find a very out of sorts father. He had lots of bad news to share.

My grandmother has been sick with various organ failure, which they believe could be to several years of undiagnosed Celiac disease. Regardless of what caused it, she's been in and out of the hospital for almost three years now. She's been there more often than not lately, since she is barely responsive these days.

My grandfather, in caring for my grandmother, has not taken care of himself. His diabetes are out of control, he doesn't sleep, he's battling depression, and his just a grumpy old man. Well, he's been in and out of the hospital having procedures done on his legs, trying to save them from the lack of circulation and sores from diabetes complications. All week he would check himself out (keep in mind all of the other conditions, plus the seditives to keep him from hurting the nurses as the hospital), and DRIVE home! One night the cops called my aunt because he crashed into a telephone poll an hour and a half away from the house (where my sick grandmother was sleeping unattended!)

Finally he went to the hospital today for them to remove his toes (which could have been prevented, by the way, if he didn't keep LEAVING the hospital). While he was in surgery, he coded - or flat lined - twice! After reviving him and finishing the surgeries, he remains in ICU. Any infection in his feet will kill him, since he is too weak to fight it off. And because of the already weakened nature of his body, they are presuming brain damage from him flat lining.

We won't know until tomorrow, after the anesthesia wears off, what the prognosis will be. The priest was called to do Anointing of the Sick / Last Rites, but I don't know when that will be. At this point, it's just a waiting game. In the meantime we are trying to figure out the balance between the churches teachings on "end of life" issues, my grandfathers wishes, and what the family wishes. It's a tough balance.

Please pray for both of my grandparents, in thanksgiving of their lives, and for their comfort in what is probably their last days. Neither of them have the will to live with out each other, it's a classic love story! Pray for my dad and his sibilings as they prepare for the road ahead. Pray for my uncle who has been fighting with my grandfather the last few weeks, that they may make some peace before its too late.

Thanks everyone!

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